Training in “Physical Security and Stockpile Management (PSSM)”

Deze opdracht kaderde in een ruimere opdracht van de UN organisatie SEESAC (

“Strengthening Security and Stability through Regional Cooperation in South East Europe”

In order to address the serious issue of post-conflict militarization facing the governments of South Eastern Europe (SEE) and the insecurity it fuels within the region and further afield, SEESAC has been assisting local and international stakeholders since 2002 to create a multi-pronged, holistic approach to addressing this problem.

As part of Component 1 of its EU-funded EUSAC project, aiming to reduce the threat posed by the spread and illicit trafficking of small arms and light weapons (SALW) and their ammunition through capacity development of personnel tasked with managing stockpiles, UNDP SEESAC held several PSSM courses. The PSSM Courses complement the efforts to increase security of storages through infrastructure improvements implemented under the same component of the EUSAC project. UNDP SEESAC worked on refurbishing SALW and ammunition storages in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Kosovo* and the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, while works on three other storages, in Moldova, Albania and Serbia are ongoing.

SENTA verzorgde een gedeelte van de PSSM Course te Montenegro in samenwerking met een aantal andere bedrijven. SENTA werd specifiek ingehuurd omwille van haar expertise in Risk Based Auditing van situaties gekenmerkt door risico’s met hoge impact maar lage waarschijnlijkheid van voorkomen. Een theoretisch vorming in het Engels vertaald in meerdere regionale talen werd aangevuld met een demo-audit om zo de theorie onmiddellijk in de praktijk om te zetten.